“Discovering God through Love, Unity, and Biblical Study.”

Our Mission

“Love & Unity Ministries exists to provide seekers the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God by unifying in a loving community and responsibly studying the Bible. We are committed to practicing and protecting the principles of supreme respect for one another, radical open-mindedness, and excellence in biblical study. Our goal is to empower seekers to confidently share the relevance and relatability of the Bible with the world and encourage others to join us on this journey of invitation and discovery.”


Executive Director

Maureen Jasse serves as the executive director and founder of Love & Unity Ministries

Board of Directors

Angie O’Leary

Board of Directors

Renese Johnson

Board of Directors

Angelique Anglade

Grow in your faith & Study with Us!

We offer in-person studies
throughout the week.

Virtual studies coming soon! On-demand studies available via Youtube.

Staying ourselves apart by staying in the text

At Love and Unity Ministries, we believe in an objective approach to Bible Study! There is incredible value in studying the Bible by simply observing what the sacred scriptures say. We employ the method of Inductive Bible Study – a process that involves participants using only the scriptures, bible maps, historical and original language contexts to understand what the text is revealing. Putting aside any pre-existing beliefs and teachings, we delve into the original language and historical context to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word. While challenging at first, the experience proves to be rewarding, as participants learn to receive first-hand the lessons God has within the pages of the Bible.

What to Expect

Each study begins with a class or two of discussion on the book as a whole by answering some important questions:

  1. What kind of literature is it?
  2. Who is the assumed author?
  3. Who is the assumed audience?
  4. When was it believed to have been written?
  5. Why was it written?
  6. What historical context was it written in?
  7. What original language was it written in?

After the book as a whole is understood, participants walk week-by-week, chapter-by-chapter through the text. Each week participants are asked to make observations on the chapter-at-hand using only the scripture and a bible map when appropriate. In class, we discuss the observations and begin to ask questions together as to what the observations are relaying to the reader. At the end of each class we discuss what we have learned and share how the lessons learned might affect our perspective


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